Chasing the sun up on Moel Fenlli –> Clwyedian Range, North Wales

This year, my aim is to get better at taking photographs from a technical (nerdy) point of view. It’s one thing to hear I have an eye for a good picture but quite another to get praise for technical brilliance. And brilliance is what I want ^_^
Following instructions isn’t my strongest point and so sometimes it can take me longer than the average person to reach a satisfactory result (translate: if I wasn’t so stubborn and would listen to others now and again I could have already been at this point some time last year. Ah well. Better late than never!).

To see how the sunny F16 rule translates into real pictures, I schlepped Mr. B & the hounds back to Moel Fenlli yesterday to play around with some settings.

Moel Fenlli, Clwyedian Range, North Wales, UK

Moel Fenlli, Clwyedian Range, North Wales, UK

Moel Fenlli, Clwyedian Range, North Wales, UK

Moel Fenlli, Clwyedian Range, North Wales, UK

The above were all shot with F11 @ 1/200 and ISO 200. The one below was shot with F22 @ 1/200 and ISO 200. The foreground was obviously quite dark so I’ve taken a lot of shadow out in LR and subsequently it’s quite grainy. But I loooooove the rays!!

Moel Fenlli, Clwyedian Range, North Wales, UK

Now then. I’m of the opinion that because my trusted D5000 is quite old and only has 12.1 MP I will never ever be able to take fabulously sharp shots? I am kinda waiting for somebody to take my hand and show me how to get the absolute best out of my old little friend but so far I haven’t found a *camera buddy* who’ll do just that. There are some amazingly brilliant photographers over on IG but I’m sure they wouldn’t wanna spend their Saturdays or Sundays chasing shots in the Clywedian mountains with us so I guess I’ll just have to take a lot of bad pictures to get to the ones I’d love to see printed in my own four walls.

Moel Fenlli, Clywedian Range, North Wales, UK

Moel Fenlli, Clywedian Range, North Wales, UK

Moel Fenlli, Clywedian Range, North Wales, UK

Moel Fenlli, Clywedian Range, North Wales, UK

Moel Fenlli, Clywedian Range, North Wales, UK

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8 thoughts on “Chasing the sun up on Moel Fenlli –> Clwyedian Range, North Wales

  1. You have to be kidding! You’re pictures already show technical brilliance, even if you do consider your ‘old’ camera to be past its best. They are fantastic – but then I am not a professional and cannot even pretend to know how you can improve on, what looks to me, to be excellence.

    • Well. Not kidding. Appreciate your enthusiasm ♥ BUT I haven’t mastered this photo thing just yet. Let’s look back at the end of this year and maybe we’ll see what I would call brilliance haha :)

  2. I dont think you are doing too bad. Some of your shots are incredibly good (going back some time as as well). Dont forget, photography is 50% technical and 50% composition. You can be the most technically adept phtographer going but you still need an eye for a good shot to make it all come together. I reckon you are about 80% of the way there as your shot selection is very good indeed. :)

    • wowzers, 80% is pretty high!?
      Most of the stuff I now shoot for work I can’t show [I work in the manufacturing industry and they like to remain pretty tight lipped about what things REALLY look like. And I'd like to keep my job ;)]. Pretty pictures is always gonna be my *thing* but I love a bit of diversity and the challenges I’ve set myself mean I have to deliver or eat lots of humble pie ;)
      but definitely thanks for your very kind comment :)))

  3. Fascinating to read this as I’m learning the ropes with the new camera as well. You certainly have the composition bit sorted as your photos are always superb. I like the second and third to last ones in this post especially. Be interested to in any updates on what you’ve tried on how the photos same out

    • my kinda guy ;) well. the things I worked out this week…………..if you selected centre matrix to focus your subjects on then make sure they’re in the centre ;) Also: don’t be afraid to use high ISOs in daylight when shooting fast movements (fire training was on the agenda this week and so were apprentices jumping high ;)). I’ve gotten used to using ISO 100 or 200 ONLY in daylight but discovered that when fast shutter speeds were needed to capture a fast moving scene you might as well use ISO 800. And contrary to what I always believed in (high ISO – grainy pic) the jumping movement was perfectly sharp and the grainage on the image is only marginal. I guess I’d love to shoot like the woman of the moment [] but with my camera that seems out the question (I think?). She also appears to be spending a lot of time doing post process ;)

      • I always thought that as well. High ISO meant grainy pictures but I’ve taken some pretty decent shots up at 800. It’s great just playing with the 3 exposure settings in different conditions and seeing what happens. Keep the pictures coming :)

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